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IGN: pegaz
By _PeGaZ_ » 20 days ago
What is your name and surname: Andrej Madanović
How old are you: 16
How much time do you spend playing minecraft per week: 28-32h
Do you like our community: Yes very much. It grew into really big one laugh
What is your In-Game Name (IGN): _PeGaZ_
What are you minecraft skills:
Little bit redstone and Server configuring, plugins, etc...
How could you help us: Assisting players, catching hackers, filtering chat from swears, spams and advertisements. Maybe with some plugins and configs, like Factions config and messages, essentials messages that I finally made all perfect x_x ... Well.. Anything besides Building frown
Do you have any social media sites like youtube:
Have you donated for our server: No D:
What rank are you currently: Default.
Where did you find our server when you first joined: Online, on Minecraft server list site. I think on Minecraft-MP.
What do you want to become: Mod, if possible.

Anything you want us to know?
You already know everything, so this is unnecessary. I can promise you that I will be much more active, not like all day 24h. But still 3-4h a day.


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By 8qBIT » 19 days ago
Hey of course accepted :P

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