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IGN: Cotyy
By Cotyy » 18 days ago

What is your name and surname: Tevz Selcan
How old are you: 13
How much time do you spend playing minecraft per week: 5-8 hours per week
Do you like our community: Yes (But I don't like that people swear in chat)
What is your In-Game Name (IGN): Cotyy
What are you minecraft skills: I know alot of plugins (and how to work with them), PvP skills...
How could you help us: I think that this server would need more staff so there is no hackers and im on the server the most of time
Do you have any social media sites like youtube: I have YouTube (
Have you donated for our server: No
What rank are you currently: None
Where did you find our server when you first joined: I found channel on YouTube and i join 10 days after it was on
Something about yourself: I like coding, i play football...
What do you want to become: Mod

Anything you want us to know?

I hope u accept my application,
LP Cotyy


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By 8qBIT » 17 days ago
I am sorry you are not knight rank so you cannot apply.

Owner and developer of eHeroes. Discord: 8qBIT #7459 Smile#7459