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IGN: SpokyOnion72
By ZaSpokey » 16 days ago

What is your name and surname: Samim Kashaf
How old are you: 13
How much time do you spend playing minecraft per week: almost 20 hours
Do you like our community: Yes
What is your In-Game Name (IGN): SpokyOnion72
What are you minecraft skills: Pvp. Building. I Guess Thats all.
How could you help us: By Catching Hackers, Spams, Insult, Grief Stuff Like That.
Do you have any social media sites like youtube: No .-.
Have you donated for our server: Yes last Mh not this new one.
What rank are you currently: Prince
Where did you find our server when you first joined: i Found It On
Something about yourself: I Love in Sweden I Have School And Exams Alot Actually And Yea That All.
What do you want to become: Helper or Builder.

Anything you want us to know? That i Have Alot Exams Coming. .-.


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By 8qBIT » 15 days ago

Owner and developer of eHeroes. Discord: 8qBIT #7459 Smile#7459