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IGN: Anchion
By Anchion » 23 days ago
What is your name and surname: Ana Tomše
How old are you: 14
How much time do you spend playing minecraft per week: 32h per week
Do you like our community: yes i do
What is your In-Game Name (IGN): Anchion
What are you minecraft skills: 
commands, helping players
How could you help us: i can help chatching hackers, helping players, warning/muting players that curse/spamm
Do you have any social media sites like youtube: yes i do, i have discord,skype
Have you donated for our server: no
What rank are you currently: Knight
Where did you find our server when you first joined: 
I know this server from it realese, that also when i started playing
Something about yourself:  I like hanging out whit friends meeting new people...
What do you want to become: Helper or higher

Anything you want us to know? No, i dont think so


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By 8qBIT » 22 days ago
Very basic application but we are in need of helpers atm.
Accepted, although train your English skills :P 
Contact me on discord 8qBIT#0101 to discuss your application.

Owner and developer of eHeroes. Discord: 8qBIT #0101