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IGN: FluffyeX_PvP
By nexy176 » 6 days ago
What is your name and surname:Jaka Fotivec
How old are you:im 16
How much time do you spend playing minecraft per week:im playing minecraft like 38h a week
Do you like our community:yea a lot becouse you have realy nice stuff and i want to become one of you
What is your In-Game Name (IGN):nexy176
What are you minecraft skills:redstone,building,and plugins
How could you help us:i can help players and i can build for server
Do you have any social media sites like youtube:yes faceebok and instagram itd
Have you donated for our server:yes
What rank are you currently:lord
Where did you find our server when you first joined:im her from the begining feom multicraft and till today
Something about yourself:i'm jaka an ima 16 years old im preety good builder and im god at redstone
What do you want to become:Helper or mod

Anything you want us to know?
im online 5-9h a day but i play 4-5h


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By 8qBIT » 4 days ago
Hej, trenutno imamo dovolj osebja.

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