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By 8qBIT » 2 months ago

About a month ago we decided to change server location to Germany, Well it did not go as planned! Since we were third in Germany someone decided to bot eHeroes 3 times.
I guess this was due to saltines there but nevermind the problem is they also started sending "fake" votes at least it looks like this, So yesterday me and @FatRat_ decide to go back to Slovenia on server list cuz we had enough of this but NO the toxicity gets even better! 5 minutes after we change to Slovenian location on minecraft-mp we receive a warm welcome from one of server owners and guess from where? mcspam good thing is we can see a live attack map there lol. So whoever you don't need to be salty by disabling our server for 5 minutes you wont do much harm, but i hope you know that this is illegal in a way and someone is going to be responsible for this >>you<< not them read their tos. Happy playing everyone I just had to put this out there since "someone"  reported us for fake votes thanks bud your community is still shit.

Also a reminder Xmas is coming very soon and we will giveaway 1x king rank to lucky someone!

Surname censored for obvious reasons.

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